International Master in Fintech, Finance and Digital Innovation

Key information
University POLIMI Graduate School of Management
Country Italy
Learning mode On-Campus
Pace Full-time
Duration 12 months
Tuition fee €18500 (Individual) & €9500 (POLIMI MSc Alumni)
Application deadline(s) July

POLIMI Graduate School of Management is one of the top European Business Schools in Italy that offers an end-to-end portfolio of services in high levels of education, research, and consultancy in management, industrial engineering, and economics. It promotes an outstanding ecosystem through continuous collaboration and partnership with institutions and society to create an innovative, responsible, and culturally open environment, as well as a strong focus on entrepreneurship, quality research, and the best training approach. The university aims to deliver a broad understanding of the opportunities offered by innovation, first-class education, and high-quality research, aside from being the point of reference for companies and the community for a wide range of educational management services. It envisions a world where the best leaders are determined by the search for collective benefits strengthened by technological expertise. 

The International Master in Fintech, Finance, and Digital Innovation gives students an in-depth exposure to the financial world’s methods and technologies, fintech applications and opportunities, and other digital technologies and applications. Learners are trained to understand and manage digital transformation, financial systems, and financial intermediation, and develop advanced skills in information technology and quantitative methods applied to finance. Likewise, students will have comprehensive knowledge of corporate finance, capital markets, blockchain technology, cybersecurity, smart contracts, data visualization, the application of big data and innovative methodologies, and business models. Throughout the course duration, learners from this program will have a thorough knowledge and practical experience in finance, and a solid technological and methodological foundation in solving the challenges of the fintech revolution. Graduates from this program are prepared to showcase their proficiency in the finance and digital industry and enjoy different roles such as Quantitative Finance Specialist, Business Analytics Specialist, Digital Finance Specialist, CRM Specialist, IT Manager, Product Manager, Commercial Manager, and Fintech Consultant.

The admission requirements for the International Master in Fintech, Finance and Digital Innovation at the POLIMI Graduate School of Management are an online application form, curriculum vitae in English, university transcripts, bachelor’s or master’s degree, motivation letter, letter of reference, financial aid essay, digital picture, copy of passport or ID, student visa, English language proficiency certificate IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC or equivalent, and an application fee of €100.

The program has a full-time pace with a 12 months duration. Students are required to pay the tuition fee which costs €18,500 for the entire length of the program while POLIMI MSc Alumni are required to pay €9500. The university doesn’t offer full scholarships and other scholarships but offers fee reductions for the International Junior Specializing Masters on a first-come, first-served basis.

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