MBA in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

Key information
University Exeed College
Country United Arab Emirates
Learning mode Online
Pace Full-time
Duration 12 months
Tuition fee AED 32,000
Application deadline(s) August

The Exeed College is a business school and higher education institution recognized as a world-class education management provider in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is also identified as a prestigious enterprise of Westford Education Group that provides top-rated online and part-time academic programs. The college partnered with highly-ranked global universities offering first-class education and teaching, comprehensive research, outstanding student experience, and excellent organizations. One of their partners is the Universidad Catolica de Murcia (UCAM), one of the fastest-growing universities in Europe that offers promising courses including computer science, business administration, and engineering. The strategic partnership of Exeed College and UCAM is a strong support for bridging the gap in delivering exceptional education. They offer MBA in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain that provides learners with a thorough understanding of the innovative technologies, applications, concepts, methodologies, and issues of artificial intelligence and blockchain. Learners will have advanced knowledge in blockchain essentials, artificial intelligence principles and techniques, operations, and strategic management. Throughout the course duration, students will have live and interactive lectures, recorded sessions for offline viewing, regular webinars by industry leaders, assignments for module assessments, and a dissertation.

Students will be equipped with innovative knowledge about the components, advantages, characteristics, and challenges of blockchain, the features, benefits, relevance, and concept of the distributed ledger technology (DLT), and understanding the smart contracts, internet of things, and hyperledger in the applied business models in assessing the long-term effect, as well as evaluating blockchain strategies in linking to supply chain, smart city, healthcare, and fintech. Likewise, students will acquire ground-breaking knowledge of the features and variants of artificial intelligence in the business domain, AI implementation plans through recognizing appropriate model parameters, and creating, monitoring, updating, and developing models and plans for business needs. After completion of the program, graduates will be awarded a postgraduate diploma from Cambridge International Qualifications and a Master of Business Administration from Universidad Catolica de Murcia (UCAM). They will showcase an in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence and blockchain, and better networking skills, reputation, and credibility. They will enjoy a higher earning potential and a wide range of opportunities in some of the world’s best-known firms such as the Emirates, Microsoft, Amazon, Deloitte, FedEx, TCS, and Samsung.

The entry requirements for the MBA in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain at the Exeed College are a duly filled application form, bachelor’s degree from a recognized university, mature entry route, updated resume, academic documents (diploma and transcripts), scanned copy of the highest qualification certificate, copy of passport, passport-size photograph, statement of purpose, and experience or employment letter. Admission is through Exeed College Satellite Study Centers in the student’s nearest location.

The full-time program has a 1-year duration. Students are required to pay the tuition fee amounting to AED 32,000 and may avail of the 10% discount after paying in a lump sum or 5% off if they will pay in two installments.

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