Scholarships in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and IoT

With the growing importance of blockchain technology many universities and private institutions have started offering fully funded scholarships in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the internet of things. In the coming section, we will give an idea about the best fully-funded blockchain scholarships currently available. 

Game Theory and Computational Social Choice on Blockchain PhD Scholarship

The University of Liverpool is offering this 4 years scholarship that is open both, for home students and international students. As per the stipend rate of the UKRI Doctoral, the tuition fees and maintenance will be provided by the institute. The annual rate is around £16,062 as per the 2022/23 fees. Moreover, the Ph.D. student will get to be co-supervised and work alongside IOHK. IOHK is one of the world’s leading blockchain infrastructure research and engineering organizations.

Algorithms and Mechanisms for Blockchain PhD Scholarship

Algorithms and Mechanisms for Blockchain studies is part of the University of Liverpool’s Centre for Doctoral Training in Distributed Algorithms (CDT). It is a 4-year innovational Ph.D. education program that will be provided to up to 60 students. The scholarship covers tuition fees and maintenance fees at the rate of the  UKRI Doctoral Stipend rate, which stands around £15,609 annually, according to the 2021/22 rate. The successful student will get a chance to work along with TriliTech. TriliTech is one of the external partners for this particular program. They are mainly concentrated on the open-source Tezos blockchain. 

Design and Verification of Distributed Systems PhD Scholarship

This program is offered by the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham, UK. It is a three and a half year of the full-time study program emphasizing on design and formal verification of distributed systems of blockchain. Students will get £15,609 per annum as a stipend and tuition fees of £4,500. Moreover, rewards generally get augmentation on 1 October every year. Besides, they appraise candidates with miscellaneous backgrounds offered equivalent knowledge and experience. Also, they offer both full-time and part-time study approaches.

Developing the data management platform within digital twins PhD Scholarship

This Ph.D. program offered by Cranfield University, England, is aimed at building a data management platform in an acclimated approach utilizing blockchain technology related to digital twins. The program is also seeks to develop a blockchain module accrediting secured data flow inside complicated systems. The scholarship is available for both home and international applicants. Although they are only allowed to provide a limited number of international applicants. The program is fully-funded and is only  provided to extraordinary students. The students will get a stipend provided by EPSRC and Costain group. Successful applicants will get the award of approximately £18,000-£21,000 along with the fees for a 3-years program. The stipend amount will be a tax-free payment.

Strategic aspects of blockchain technologies PhD Scholarship

University in Portsmouth, England, offers a fully-funded 3-years Ph.D. in Strategic strands of blockchain technologies. The program is intended to study the emerging strategic relation in blockchain frameworks from the standpoint of the Algorithmic theory of the game. The scholarship covers 3-years of tuition fees and the stipend at the per annum rate of UKRI, which is £16,062 for 2022/2023. There is also a monetary award of  £1,500 per annum that will be provided for project costs, consumables, and travel.