Ph.D. Project in Exploiting Smart Contracts and Blockchain Technology

Key information
University University of Portsmouth
Country England
Learning mode On-Campus
Pace Full-time, Part-time
Duration 36 months
Tuition fee £4,596 (Full-time UK/EU students); £18,300 (Full-time international students); £2,298 (Part-time UK/EU students) & £9,150 (Part-time international students)
Application deadline(s) October

The University of Portsmouth is a world-class university in England that makes a difference in the world through its innovative research, teaching, and learning approach. It continuously connects with the local community, partners with various industries, transforms lives, and takes the ideas into the global marketplace to stand out not just in the United Kingdom but around the world. It is one of the universities in the southeast region of the UK that holds the highest gold rating in the teaching excellence framework with outstanding outcomes for its students. Likewise, it expands in research areas from cosmology and astrophysics to cybersecurity, sports science, and forensics. It aims to deliver globally-recognized research and innovative solutions that will improve society, significantly build a global reach and reputation, involve every student in a transformative experience, meet changing demands, and widen participation. It offers Ph.D. Project in Exploiting Smart Contracts and Blockchain Technology: Blueprint for a New Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry based in the School of Civil Engineering and Surveying that will involve extensive and original research in assessing and solving the challenges in the society and the whole world.

Learners will have advanced knowledge of emerging technologies and the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts. Throughout the program duration, learners will conduct original individual research with the assistance of a Ph.D. supervisor or a leading expert, and be included in the university’s internationally-recognized research. The learners will also identify the developing influence of the digital industry on the architecture, engineering, and construction industry, as well as familiarize the with innovative technologies in managing and operating assets. In the same way, students’ research will address the possibilities for merging the technologies in building information management and blockchain to expand the collaborative efforts of emerging systems. Once the doctoral students completed the program, they will be recognized as highly-skilled researchers which will make an impact in various industries. They will demonstrate abilities in project management, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, leadership, and communication. Moreover, students may possess qualifications to work in a rewarding career.

The entry requirements for the Ph.D. Project in Exploiting Smart Contracts and Blockchain Technology at the University of Portsmouth are an online application, a master’s degree in computer-related subjects or first degree from an internationally recognized university, professional experience, java programming skills, experience in BIM and blockchain technologies, English language proficiency IELTS minimum overall score of 6.5 with 6.0 in each component, a research proposal, personal statement, proof of degrees and grades, 2 references, and curriculum vitae.

The Ph.D. will take 3 years for the full-time duration and 6 years for the part-time duration. Full-time UK/EU students are required to pay £4,596 per year while full-time international students are required to pay £18,300 per year. Part-time UK/EU students are required to pay £2,298 per year and £9,150 per year for part-time international students. The university offers scholarships, funding, and loans to fund the cost of the postgraduate degree of qualified students.

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