Ph.D. in Computer Science

Key information
University University of Bern
Country Switzerland
Learning mode On-Campus
Pace Full-time
Duration 36 months
Tuition fee CHF 750 per semester (Swiss Students) & CHF 950 per semester (Non-Swiss Students)
Application deadline(s) October

The University of Bern is one of the largest and most comprehensive universities in Switzerland with outstanding research and teaching, wide-ranging international collaboration, and a rich selection of study programs. It benefits society, science, and the economy by conducting high-quality research, excellent teaching, best services, and advanced training based on academic and societal needs. The university is committed to promoting sustainability in its public relations, business operations, teaching, research, and social and ecological resources. In the same way, it forms a strong global network, exchange agreements, and joint competence centers to promote international academic careers and more opportunities all over the world. It offers a Doctoral Degree Program in Computer Science, in close collaboration with the Institute of Computer Science, focused on research and future innovations in all areas of computer science.

The program will equip the learners with understanding and skills in communication and distributed systems, logic and theory, computer vision, computer graphics, and software composition. Throughout the program, students will acquire knowledge and practical experience in data structures and algorithms, discrete mathematics, blockchain, programming, computer architecture, computer network, computer engineering, software engineering, machine learning, and digital sustainability. Likewise, students will conduct individual research that focuses on applying cryptographic protocols to the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, distributed ledger technology, and other areas of computer science such as computational, communication, computer graphics and vision, image analysis, and digital sustainability that will contribute to the further development and innovation of the 21st century. Furthermore, students will collaborate with international research groups as part of the activities in the doctoral degree program, as well as a dissertation with a written thesis. Ph.D. graduates may enjoy the best and most extensive career opportunities in different industries as computer systems administrators, computer network architects, computer hardware engineers, security engineers, data scientists, and product managers.

The admission requirements for the Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Bern are an online application, a bachelor’s and master’s degree or a licentiate from a Swiss university or Swiss Federal Institute of Technology or an equivalent university degree, official academic transcripts, a declaration of consent, a resume with an uninterrupted academic timeline, valid identification card, international passport, and other requirements set out by the graduate school.

The doctoral degree program takes 3 to 4 years to finish. Full-time Swiss students are required to pay the regular tuition fee amounting to CHF 750 per semester while non-Swiss students are required to pay CHF 950 per semester. The University of Bern offers scholarships for excellent students, Swiss students, Swiss expatriates, international artists or scholars, and grants for exchange students.

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