Online Bachelor of Science (BSc) Data Science and Business Analytics

Key information
University University of London
Country United Kingdom
Learning mode Online
Pace Full-time
Duration 48 months
Tuition fee £17,500 (UK Residents) & £22,628 (Non-UK Residents) (12 Full Modules / Courses)
Application deadline(s) August

The University of London is the first UK university to open its door to all gender and creed, and the first to allow students to study and take exams anywhere in the world without coming to London. It is committed to sharing knowledge and expertise with academics, institutions, professionals, organizations, and communities as part of its societal engagement with local needs. Most of their programs are developed by leading academics from their member institutions, in which they set the curriculum, provide teaching materials, assessment, and quality of learning. One of their member institutions that give academic directions is the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) which is a world-leading social science university that practices an interdisciplinary approach to learning. The collaboration of these two universities came up with online degree programs in social sciences, finance, management, and economics. One of the online degree programs they offer is the Online Bachelor of Science (BSc) Data Science and Business Analytics which prepares students to solve interdisciplinary problems, strategize, and decide using data. It is a rewarding program suited to students who are mathematically inclined and students who have interests in quantitative analysis. Learners are expected to examine techniques, principles, and methodologies that underpin modern data applications in economics, management, and other related disciplines.

Throughout the course duration, students will build quantitative, theoretical, and methodological foundations of data science, cultivate practical skills and competencies in programming, abstract mathematics, statistical inference and theory, applied modeling and prediction, and economics, as well as explore high-level competencies in management, social science disciplines, and statistical machine learning techniques. In the same way, learners will have advanced knowledge and experience in business and management in a global context, programming for data science, algorithmic machine learning methods, econometrics, marketing management, statistical methods for market research, and business analytics. Graduates from this program will have the ability to derive insights from data and translate large to complex analytics, as well as advanced digital skills with strong knowledge in business analytics and data science. They may enjoy careers in a range of fields as Data Scientists, System Analysts, IT Consultants, and Operational Researchers.

The entry requirements for the Online Bachelor of Science (BSc) Data Science and Business Analytics at the University of London are passed qualifications that satisfy the General Entrance Requirements which is equivalent to 3 UK GCE A-levels in non-overlapping subjects with grade EED or one year of university credits (30 US credits or 60 ECTS or 120 UK credits), demonstrate competence to mathematics at UK GCE A-level (grade A–E), or earned 15 UK credits, 6 US college-level credits or 7.5 ECTS either in mathematics, algebra, statistics, algorithms, or calculus, English language proficiency, online application form, resume, transcripts, verified identification, professional certificates, standardized test scores, work experience, work reference, and a personal statement why you wish to study for the program (100-250 words).

The academic year is divided into two half-year study sessions, each containing 20 weeks of learning. Students will select and pay for the modules/courses in advance of each study session. They can register for a maximum of two full modules/courses per study session, a total of four full modules/courses per academic year. The total program fee that includes 12 full modules/courses is £17,500 for UK Residents and £22,628 for Non-UK Residents. The university offers scholarships and educational awards however, the level of competition is very high that’s why it is recommended that students apply early.

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