Master of Science in Next Generation Technologies with a Blockchain Concentration

Key information
University Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
Country United States
Learning mode On-Campus
Pace Full-time
Duration 24 months
Tuition fee $830 per credit hour
Application deadline(s) January

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is one of the leading STEM universities in the United States, and the first independent science and technology-focused university with high-level technological advances.  It delivers STEM-focused degree programs, innovative academic and research programs in science and technology, and extensive opportunities for internships, with a strong focus on interdisciplinary competencies and career development. It promotes a diverse community that provides support and access to students pursuing careers in science and technology-related fields. The university’s programs are highly engaging, competent, integrative, collaborative, and experiential, providing both academic learning and student development.

Likewise, the academic programs focus on career advancement in technology, engineering, science, and mathematics. One of the designed programs is the Master of Science in Next Generation Technologies with a Blockchain Concentration which equips the students with a thorough understanding of digital transformation, new technologies, technology patterns, blockchain technology, industry analysis, enterprise architecture, and integration. Students will acquire advanced knowledge and cutting-edge experiences in programming languages, data structures, algorithms, project management, analytics, and software architectural patterns design. In the same way, they will also have a solid knowledge of the foundations of blockchain, crypto assets and tokens, industry blockchain, major blockchain trade-offs, implementation of smart contracts, and DApps. Throughout the program, learners will take the core courses and concentration electives including strategic information systems planning, engineering, and management of enterprises, ICT principles, blockchain, and applied project in next-generation technologies, as well as complete the experiential courses by conducting research methodology, a graduate thesis, and applied projects. Graduates from this program will master blockchain, adapt to the fast-changing technology, and entrepreneurship qualities, and be able to recognize the necessity for conducting empirical and theoretical analysis.

The admission requirements for the Master of Science in Next Generation Technologies with a Blockchain Concentration at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology are an online application, final official undergraduate transcript or GED test scores, a minimum GPA of 3.50, personal goal statement, resume, letters of recommendation from industry or academic professionals, English language proficiency TOEFL iBT minimum overall score of 80 or IELTS minimum overall score of 6.0, copy of passport and visa, bank statement from within the past 6 months, and an application fee.

The program has a full-time duration equivalent to 2 years with 36 semester hours. Students are required to pay $830 per credit hour plus a program fee of $500 per semester. Other fees such as accommodation, food, transportation, and textbooks will be paid in addition to the tuition and program fees. The university is committed to assisting the students in finding the right scholarships, financial aid, assistantships, and grants.


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