Master in Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Cryptoeconomics

Key information
University University of Alcala (UAH)
Country Spain
Learning mode Online
Pace Full-time
Duration 12 months
Tuition fee €75.00 per credit / €4,500.00 for 60 ECTS
Application deadline(s) July

The University of Alcala (UAH) is one of Europe’s most vulnerable public universities committed to teaching and research excellence. It implements socially responsible policies, fomenting students’ employability, and responsible management. UAH is among the world’s best universities in teaching, employability, internalization, research output, equipment, infrastructures, sustainability, and social commitment. It offers Master in Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Cryptoeconomics which will equip the students with practical experience in different user applications, blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, algorithms, distributed systems, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Throughout the course duration, learners will advance their knowledge and skills in the formulation of applications of blockchain technologies in different sectors and business areas, fundamentals of monetary systems and financial markets, and usage of different user applications for cryptocurrencies based on smart contracts. Similarly, learners will acquire in-depth knowledge in analyzing the origins, history, and evolution of blockchain technology, the operations of blockchain as distributed systems, analyzing the legal and regulatory implications of cryptocurrencies based on smart contracts, and understanding the fundamental algorithms. The program will provide comprehensive training in the field of blockchain technology, DAOs, smart contracts, tokens, and cryptoeconomics. Finishers from this program will showcase their holistic skills and experience that can lead to career opportunities in different sectors as a blockchain developer, analyst, project manager, blockchain engineer, and consultant.

The admission requirements for the Master in Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Cryptoeconomics at the University of Alcala (UAH) are duly accomplished pre-registration form, documents that justify compliance with the Master’s degree, academic certification, approval of credentials, curriculum vitae, DNI (Spanish citizens), passport or NIE (foreign citizens), and applicants whose mother tongue is not Spanish are required to accredit at least B2 level in the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR). Applicants are also required to submit a copy of the receipt of the pre-registration fee validated by the bank (fee amounting to €900). When submitting the documents, attach the entry requirements in PDF format (each file not exceeding 4MB and total size not exceeding 10MB).

Qualified students are required to pay a tuition fee amounting to €75.00 per credit or an equivalent amount of €4,500.00 for 60 ECTS. In addition to the tuition fee, other fees are required to be paid by the student during the enrollment, such as academic services fee, administrative services fee, accident insurance, and certificates and titles. Students may pay using a single payment or split payment (installment). The university offers grants from the Ministerio de Educacion y Formacion Profesional (Ministry of Education and Professional Training), Becas Santander Estudios Equality (Santander Studies Scholarship), and other financial aid to help its students.

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