Master in Blockchain and its Business Applications

Key information
University Three Points, the School for Digital Business
Country Spain
Learning mode Online
Pace Full-time
Duration 12 months
Tuition fee €7,500
Application deadline(s) June

Three Points, the School for Digital Business, is one of the schools in Barcelona that provides an innovative vision for training future digital experts. It is also among the first educational institutions in the world to offer blockchain-centered fields of study. The business school aims to develop the practical skills of every learner enrolled in the course. This is achieved by training them to improve their technical skills in a comprehensive and hands-on way, helping each stay on top of the digital wave. Three Points, the School for Digital Business offers Master in Blockchain and its Business Applications under its pipeline. The specialized degree targets to help learners acquire knowledge and upgrade their skills in blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and understand how these technologies work. These capacity-building measures are expected to help students manage future projects requiring these types of technology. Throughout this program, learners will know the fundamentals of blockchain, the economic-business applications of blockchain, and blockchain platforms. There will also be an in-depth discussion to understand blockchain technology and its applicability in the technological, legal, and business fields. 

Students are expected to learn the types of languages used for programming smart contracts and familiarize themselves with different methods for the development of blockchain applications. Going further on the course, there will be a deeper integration on the concepts and tools of digital technology which will help develop decision-making skills which will be relevant in understanding ethical and social responsibilities in relation to blockchain technology. Graduates from this program will enjoy a wide array of career opportunities namely Blockchain Consultant, General Director of companies based on Blockchain Technology, Innovation Manager, Director in Financial Corporation / Transport and Logistics / Retail and other sectors, and Expert in Implementation of Innovation and Blockchain Projects.

The admission process for the Master in Blockchain and its Business Applications at the Three Points, the School for Digital Business requires sending an admission request directly to the school. The applicants will have a personal interview to assess whether one is the right fit for the course. After the personal interview comes the compliance with admission documentation which will pass through the admissions committee’s evaluation. Once the committee decides on an applicant’s suitability for the program and the admission gets an approval to proceed, applicants can go ahead and register on the master’s program. It offers a full-time duration which is a total of 12 months (60 ECTS), with a tuition fee amounting to €7,500.

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