Top 10 Platforms to Become a Blockchain Developer

Everyone is gearing up to be a relevant player in the future of the workspace. With the increased attention to the metaverse and digital currency, learning skills related to these industries has become an unexpected requirement. 

This is the reason why people are now racing redirecting their attention toward technology-related feats. One of the most talked-about career paths that many are trying to enter is blockchain development. Not only that this is already in demand at present, but it is also lucrative in terms of career growth and salary. 

On average, an entry-level blockchain developer makes $122,000 annually. This can increase up to $180,000, depending on the level of expertise. Here are the leading platforms you can check if you want to become a blockchain developer in 2022.








Blockchain Developer

4 months

  • Create your own blockchain

  • Ethereum smart contracts

  • Dapps and oracles


Full Stack Web Developer

4 months

  • API Development

  • Server Deployment

  • SQL and Data Modeling


Programming for Data Science with Python

4 months

  • Introduction to SQL

  • Python Programming

  • Version Control


Udacity provides a comprehensive online course that covers everything you need to know to become a blockchain developer. The course is divided into four sections: Introduction to Blockchain, Developing on the Ethereum Platform, Building Decentralized Applications, and Advanced Blockchain Topics. Each section contains several lessons, and you can work at your own pace to complete the course.

Upon completion of the Udacity blockchain developer course, you will have a strong understanding of how blockchain works and be able to build your own decentralized applications on the Ethereum platform. You will also be well-prepared to take on more advanced topics in blockchain technology.


With the rise of massive open online course platforms, blockchain developers-wanna be will never run out of learning resources. On the other hand, some platforms offer better quality materials than others.

Before becoming a full-fledged developer in the decentralized space, one must first be familiar with the intricacies of blockchain technology. Coursera offers beginner to advanced-level courses in the blockchain field, and some are specialized courses targeting the development of highly-specific skills.

Coursera has almost 200 search results for the “blockchain” keyword alone. Many of these were developed by the world’s top universities namely Duke University, Princeton University, and the University of Pennsylvania. Among the most popular blockchain development courses include Decentralized Finance: The Future of Finance by Duke University and Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases by ConsenSys Academy. Formal certifications are also offered through the site.


Udemy is another reliable learning platform for aspiring blockchain developers. So far, the platform already has 1.5 million patrons on blockchain and related courses namely cryptocurrency, solidity, and smart contracts.

It offers both free and paid courses and different levels of knowledge and expertise. Among the best-selling and highly-rated courses is Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp Solidity 2022 and Blockchain Development on Hyperledger Fabric Using Composer. Both courses already require prior knowledge of programming languages, particularly Java and Javascript.

Udemy and its blockchain courses are trusted by global brands such as Nasdaq, Volkswagen, and Box Inc.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn may look like it is solely focused on employment-oriented endeavors, but it is more than that. The site has an educational section called LinkedIn Learning which offers video courses on in-demand job skills, including blockchain development. This offering is exclusive for premium members but could also be accessed using a free one-month trial.

Learners can choose their own learning path. In this case, the blockchain development learning path has a total of 14 hours and 17 minutes worth of content, with an inclusion of 14 courses. It starts with an introduction to blockchain and proceeds with in-depth information on the Ethereum Network. As students proceed on the course, smart contracts and blockchain apps development will be discussed. Lastly, blockchain programming using Solidity and Swift wraps the discussion up.

For those looking for a straightforward platform, it is best to use LinkedIn Learning. You do not need to devise your own learning path and select individual courses to build on your blockchain development knowledge–it is all in there.

Google Developers

Not known to many, Google has a homegrown site for learning technical resources, including development tools and programming interfaces. 

Among the free resources available on the platform is the Google Python Class offered for those with an interest in learning Python. This programming language is widely used for creating smart contracts and decentralized apps or dApps. 

Mastering Python will increase your chance of going big in your blockchain development career. The majority of the projects available in the crypto space today require knowledge in this area.

101 Blockchains

Getting adept with blockchain also requires the help of sites directly involved in the space. 101 Blockchains is suitable for those planning to take this path seriously, offering formal training and certification programs for all things related to decentralized technology. It now has a community of more than 40,000 learners since its launch in 2019.

Aside from free and paid courses, the good thing about this platform is its in-house blogs that aspiring blockchain developers could read during their free time. Some of these are tips on securing blockchain developer jobs, essential tools that could help optimize blockchain developers’ workload, and upcoming blockchain projects and trends.


Pluralsight is specifically designed to provide training courses for current and aspiring software developers and other technology-inclined professions. 

Compared to other platforms, subjects offered on this site are more technical which means they are tailored for those who already have prior knowledge of software development. 

Nevertheless, it still has a good number of beginner-friendly courses for those just starting to learn about blockchain development. 

GitHub Learning Lab

GitHub is a software development company providing internet hosting to over 73 million developers worldwide. The platform has a learning-centered section GitHub Learning Lab which serves as a repository for software development resources, including ones related to blockchain technology.

A free course on building decentralized apps is available on the platform. This is for those who already have a strong foundation in blockchain technology and are planning to build their own dApps. Like LinkedIn Learning, GitHub Learning Lab also offers a blockchain learning path to help learners have a streamlined experience in learning everything about the decentralized space.


Simplilearn is another online Bootcamp offering free courses on various topics of interest, including decentralized technology.

Currently, it still offers a small number of blockchain courses, limited to two formal courses developed by Caltech and Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. On the other hand, this site will be beneficial, especially for those seeking to secure formal blockchain certifications to ramp up their careers.


Educative is an online learning hub made by developers, for developers, with over 1.4 million learners to date. It specifically aims to help software engineers and developers together with their teams increase productivity by supplying the right knowledge required for their jobs.

Educative developed the Become a Blockchain Developer course, composed of 31 lessons to build learners’ knowledge from the ground up. By the end of the course, students will be able to develop decentralized applications for their future clients.


Last on our list is edX which is another MOOC provider created by Harvard and MIT. It offers a diverse pool of courses on the app and web development, C programming, Java, Linux, and Hyperledger, among others.

Students learning about blockchain development can learn at their own pace and choose their own courses depending on their career goals. Among the in-demand courses on edX offering professional certificates are Blockchain Technology authored by the University of California – Berkeley and Blockchain Essentials by IBM.


On a side note, the requirements of the job are not in any way easy. A blockchain developer’s main task is to develop the structure and ensures the overall security of the blockchain network. Aside from this, there are rigorous day-to-day tasks involved on the job, including the mastery of a high-level programming language. 

Nevertheless, these will all be easy tasks to handle for those willing to learn and relearn the skills required by the job. Have fun coding!