Top 10 Companies Offering Entry-Level Positions for Blockchain Developers

Blockchain is one of the fastest-growing sub-sectors of the technology industry in which almost every technology company has a blockchain strategy. A few years ago, people barely knew blockchain, cryptocurrency, and new technologies, but now, it is one of the significant careers in the job market. As a result, the growth of the blockchain sector has created high demand for employees as well as career opportunities.

Due to the many fields of application of blockchain, companies are hiring applicants with the right skills and experience in using and navigating the new technologies and they require some expertise for the positions. But some companies consider applicants who are not highly technical and just starting their early careers in the tech industry. These companies offer entry-level job positions that will soon develop and advance the skills of their employees.

Here are 10 top companies offering entry-level positions for blockchain developers:


Google is a multinational technology company that focuses on search engines, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, computer software, online advertising, consumer electronics, and quantum computing. Its mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Google offers careers in engineering and tech teams that develop the products and tools of the future. The company’s website list a variety of job opportunities including internship, entry-level vacancies, and student programs.

Positions such as Data Center Technician, Developers, Security or Privacy Engineer, Software Engineer, and Application Engineer require a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, and relevant experience in operating systems, computer hardware, software, networking protocol, languages, application development, machine learning, and other similar experience.


Binance is a vibrant global community powered by Binance users. It is a blockchain company behind the world’s digital asset exchange serving a greater mission to accelerate cryptocurrency adoption and freedom of money. It offers entry-level positions namely: Blockchain Research Analyst, Data Analyst, and Data Engineer which proactively stays informed about market opportunities, risks, and new projects for the cryptocurrency and DLT industry, and builds sophisticated visualizations, and machine learning models. These positions require a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in a relevant course, and relevant experience in data science, analytics, corporate finance, research, and investments. Other job opportunities are posted on their company website.


Deloitte is a brand of dedicated professionals in independent firms throughout the world that provides consulting, audit and assurance, financial advisory, tax, risk management, and other similar services. Each firm provides services in different countries. Since technology is everything, Deloitte helps its clients through advanced technology in storing and using complex data, identifying and managing the risks in the business, discovering the most secure solutions, applying pioneering technology to the automation strategy, and improving cybersecurity. It offers a range of entry-level positions such as Analysts, Strategists, Developers, Specialists, and Consultants for entry-level applicants, and interns with Bachelor’s or Master’s degree related to the position, a strong academic track record, and relevant work experience.

In addition, students can also apply to Deloitte student programs which include apprenticeship, career shapers, summer vacation, graduate, and industrial placements.


Lendlease is a globally integrated investment and real estate group with core expertise in creating connected communities. It has been entrusted with many constructions, restorations, renovations, and building projects with public, cultural, and social significance such as constructing the Sydney Opera House, restoring London’s Tate Britain and National Theatre, and creating the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. Lendlease believes that its employees are the greatest contributors to its success and strengthen its ability to create sustainable places around the world. It offers entry-level positions as well as internships. Paid Summer Internship gives college students a real-world experience in finance and accounting, development, and design management over a 2–3-month span during summer. Other entry-level positions such as Data Analytics Manager, and Analyst, which lead the analytics across business units, identify and implement new and innovative ways of working for the Global Internal Audit team, and develop strategies in data analysis/visualization, typically require a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree related to the position and relevant work experience. It regularly advertises entry-level positions and internships on its website.


Nethermind is composed of several engineering teams in various disciplines with expertise across several domains: Ethereum Protocol Engineering, Defi, Smart Contract Development, and Security Auditing, working to solve challenging problems in blockchain by conducting research and building high-quality tools. It offers entry-level positions and paid internship programs. Early career Blockchain Researcher Analyst that conducts data analysis and initiatives, processes large blockchain datasets, and visualizes data. The position requires a strong educational background in Computer Science, Quantitative Finance, Economics, Mathematics, or similar course, and relevant work experience. Its open positions for entry-level job seekers and internship programs are posted on their official page.


Samsung is a multinational manufacturing company committed to applying a strict global code of conduct to all employees. It aims to become one of the most ethical companies in the world while creating superior products and services that contribute to a better society. It offers early careers as Jr. Developer, Researcher, and Analyst that assist in the design of the software solutions, ensure that applications are successfully deployed, analyze multiple data sources, and prototype new data processing projects with at least 1-year relevant experience, and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or other related fields. The company’s website houses a list filled with a variety of job vacancies.


CoinDesk is an integrated platform for media, events, and data focusing on bitcoin and digital currencies. It is building the most influential and trusted information platform globally. CoinDesk Indices are the industry standard for institutional benchmarks for crypto assets. It offers job opportunities and internships. Some of the vacancies are posted on their website.

Entry-level positions such as Quantitative Researcher and Analyst, researching investment ideas, working with product and engineering teams in the design and implementation of digital asset indices, and building research code library to support data analysis and performance analytics, typically require an advanced degree in a technical field, at least 2 years of relevant experience.

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is a multinational technology corporation that produces and sells computer hardware, middleware, and software, and provides consulting services. It introduces the visionaries who apply technology to drive progress in the world. IBM enables trusted data exchange and workflow beyond the boundaries of DLT and blockchain. It offers entry-level roles and paid internships. Roles such as Application Developer, Software Developer, and Technical Support Engineer that works with development managers in defining strategic direction, deploying security solutions cloud, keeping industry cloud technology trends, and transforming a vital business need into code and driving innovation, typically require at least 2 years work experience. 

Oracle Corporation

Oracle is a multinational computer technology corporation and one of the largest database management companies in the world. It helps people see data in new ways, unlock endless possibilities, and discover new insights. It offers entry-level jobs such as Software Engineers, Application Engineers, and Staff Consultants who design and develop ERP functions in the cloud environment, assist in the resolution of issues during the design and development process, convert the complex technical design into high-quality working code, and resolve customer issues. These positions require a minimum Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related fields, and 2 years of work experience with Java or SQL. Other job vacancies are advertised on their company website.


Bloomberg is the global leader in financial data that uses technology to connect the world’s decision-makers in making smarter decisions and accurate information on financial markets. The company’s core strength is leveraging technology to allow access, distribution, and managing of data across organizations effectively. It offers early careers, internships, and apprenticeships. Roles such as Support Analysts, Research Analysts, Data Analysts, and Data Specialists require the use of project management and data analysis in the implementation of strategic solutions, establish methodologies, and performance of quality control to ensure data accuracy, rationality of data to Bloomberg taxonomies, applications and financial models.