Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Media – Cryptocurrency

Key information
University Bircham International University (BIU)
Country Spain
Learning mode Online
Pace Full-time
Duration 36 months
Tuition fee €3,510 to €6,800 (depending on the transferred credit from previous education)
Application deadline(s) June

Bircham International University (BIU) is a decentralized global educational network that offers distance learning degree programs committed to fulfilling the needs of adult professional students who prefer not to take a traditional educational system or on-campus learning. BIU is a member, accredited, and recognized by several international bodies and it meets the quality standards of numerous education organizations in various countries. BIU’s distance learning higher education programs save time, money, and energy, and they are continuously updated. It offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Media – Cryptocurrency that will advance the knowledge of students on encrypted digital currency using blockchain technology. Students will be equipped with broad knowledge in money and banking, financial science, cash flow management, corporate finance, cryptocurrency, blockchain, financial accounting, analysis, as well as international trade operations, international finance and taxation, financial intelligence, data security, investment strategies, and cybersecurity using physical textbooks sent to their personal addresses. Throughout the program duration, students are required to write reports and answer evaluations and assessments about the courses from the textbooks.

Students will demonstrate higher analysis, evaluation, and critical thinking while taking courses during their most convenient study hours. Similarly, they will achieve specialized knowledge and comprehension by explaining the interrelationships, hierarchy, and overall meaning of cryptocurrency key concepts, and practical applications that analyze the effect and potential results of cryptocurrency. In the same way, learners will acquire knowledge in financial management, financial performance evaluation, financial markets, institutions, capital markets, mergers, acquisitions, managing value, and cryptography.

The admission process for the Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Media – Cryptocurrency at the Bircham International University (BIU) is to fill out and submit either by post or email the application form accompanied by a detailed curriculum vitae or any relevant additional documents, and upon receipt, the university will issue a certificate of admission. The entry requirements are a duly accomplished application form, one ID size photo, ID card or passport, curriculum vitae with personal experience, educational background, degree or diploma earned, total hours or credits, copies of diploma and transcripts, and an official admission certificate.

This online degree in Cryptocurrency is equivalent to a four years college degree but will only take 1 to 3 years in the BIU distance learning degree program with 130 credits. Students are required to pay a tuition fee amounting to a minimum amount of €3,510 to a maximum amount of €6,800 (depending on the transferred credit from previous education) and additional fees for the textbooks, study guide, program of study, evaluation, assessment, diploma, and transcripts. BIU offers a tuition scholarship fund and full scholarships to lessen educational costs for eligible students.

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