Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering (BSc CSE)

Key information
University Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)
Country Netherlands
Learning mode On-Campus
Pace Full-time
Duration 36 months
Tuition fee €2,209 (EU/EFTA Students) & €15,200 (Non-EU Students)
Application deadline(s) January

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is the oldest and largest public technical university in the Netherlands that tops in research and education. It provides internationally recognized education and high-level research, contributing to advancing high-tech and innovative applications. It shares interests in technology, design, and science that impact a better society. TU Delft’s campus has a leading tech innovation ecosystem that offers a perfect environment to find the right program and place for diverse and inclusive learning, networking, workshops, cultural and social activities, and business, and contributes to globally-recognized research leadership in diverse fields including engineering, science, and technology. It offers Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering (BSc CSE) that equips the students with in-depth computer knowledge, logical reasoning, mathematical analysis and modeling, and practical experience in embedded systems, cloud computing, programming, algorithms, and data structures.

Students will have cutting-edge knowledge and skills in analyzing and designing computer systems, artificial intelligence, data mining, network security, blockchain technology, data science, software engineering, computability theory, describing machines in a mathematical way, computer graphics, and image processing. At the same time, students will learn how users interact with systems, solve problems systematically, model complex systems, and use various programming languages, data structures, and software quality. Likewise, they will recognize license plate numbers automatically, analyze large data in the cloud, and program embedded systems. Throughout the course duration, learners will have lectures, group projects, practical assignments, self-study, fundamental courses, more applied courses, practical courses, and research project. Furthermore, learners will analyze how the individual components of a computer form a working machine, and will develop various applications. Graduates from the program can do more than just programming. They will analyze and solve problems, have a strong understanding and expertise of the technologies and applications, and may enjoy career opportunities in different well-known companies.

The admission requirements for the Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering (BSc CSE) at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) are an online application, an original or certified copy of a diploma or foreign diploma, a Math B certificate at VWO 6 level, official transcripts of grades or high school marks, secondary school leaving certificate, Dutch language certificate, English language proficiency TOEFL iBT minimum overall score of 100 with a score of 21 in each component or IELTS minimum overall score of 7.0 with a score of 6.0 in each component, curriculum vitae, proof of identity, passport, student visa, and a Dutch residence permit.

The full-time program has a 3 years duration with 180 credits. EU and EFTA students are required to pay a tuition fee amounting to €2,209 while non-EU students are required to pay €15,200. Other fees including living costs, residence permit or visa fees, and housing fees are not included in the tuition cost and will be charged in addition. The university offers scholarship programs designed for the brightest and most motivated students.

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