Bachelor in Business Management with Blockchain

Key information
University Champlain College Online
Country United States
Learning mode Online
Pace Full-time
Duration 48 months
Tuition fee $328 per credit
Application deadline(s) June

Champlain College is a private college in Vermont, United States that offers online undergraduate courses through Champlain College Online. This will help the students discover their purpose, build more strengths, learn faster in a more accessible way, and achieve career success. The college’s program is 100% online-based learning with 24/7 access to the coursework. It is designed for busy adults, working professionals, and those from a distance. It aims to transform careers and enhance the lives of working adults and adults seeking to return to the workplace. This career-focused academic program empowers its students, ensures high-quality academic experience, and increases access to an affordable education that will increase immediate job prospects and long-term career potential. It offers Bachelor in Business Management with Blockchain which will prepare its students for a variety of career paths in business analysis, administration services, sales, and operations. Students will be equipped with knowledge in blockchain, python, cybersecurity, secure distributed application programming for blockchain, business and management, and the fundamentals of networking.

Throughout the program, students will integrate the knowledge of core business functions into decision-making by applying marketing, finance, economics, and accounting to challenging business problems, comprehend approaches to management and leadership, and advance their experience in the usage of technology to analyze organizational data to create business value. Similarly, learners will show competencies in explaining the principles and processes of blockchain technologies, analyzing blockchain applications, applying blockchain to increase information security in different contexts, and creating secure distributed applications. Graduates from this program will enjoy a wide range of career opportunities in different industries as Business Opportunities Specialists, Account Managers, Lead Business Systems Analysts, Bookkeeper, Program Managers, Financial Control Representative, and Strategic Planners.

The application requirements for the Bachelor in Business Management with Blockchain at the Champlain College Online are duly accomplished online application, 3 to 4 short answer essay questions, academic transcripts, resume, proof of English language proficiency, a solid academic foundation with a minimum of 2.5 GPA, an aptitude for success in an online learning environment, and ability to make positive contributions to the college community.

The online degree course has a full-time duration which is equivalent to 3 to 4 years with 120 credits. Students are required to pay $328 per credit or $984 per course (subject to change) with an additional fee for graduation amounting to $150. The school is committed to helping its students find ways to minimize educational expenses by providing financial aid assistance to eligible students such as Federal Financial Aid and State Grants for Non-Traditional Students.

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